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Pre-Operative Instructions

Instructions for surgery and IV sedation

No eating or drinking after midnight.  If absolutely necessary due to a late afternoon appointment you may have half of a dry bagel and some juice (orange, apple, Etc.) can be eaten. No caffeine drinks.

Wear a short sleeve shirt. A blood pressure cuff can not be put over a bulky sweater.

Ladies, remove any nail polish off first finger on both hands.  NO MAKE-UP should be worn for any periodontal or implant surgery.

If you are currently taking aspirin, please discontinue 5-7 days prior to your surgery unless otherwise instructed by your physician.

Someone must be available to pick you up after your surgery. You are NOT allowed to drive yourself home or for 24 hours following surgery. Your escort does not have to stay during surgery.

After surgery, you may go home and sleep for several hours.

Prescriptions will be prescribed to you the day of surgery, and your escort may take them and have them filled during your surgery.

You may eat following surgery depending on the type of surgery you’ve had done. Most surgeries require you to stay away from extremely hot foods and drinks. What you eat will depend mainly on how you feel.  Ideally soft foods for several days are suggested.

Although you will remember nothing to very little about your surgery, this is a conscious sedation. We will be able to talk to you and you to us during the surgery.

Escorts are asked not to come back to surgery area. Our staff will notify them when you are finished and in recovery.

If you have any questions following IV sedation please feel free to contact our office (859) 331-4700.

After office hours Dr. Sutton may be reached on his cell at 859-802-7844

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